Jerico is a 22 year old, Haitian-Canadian DJ, producer and vocalist who has quickly been recognized as one Montreal's most promising young artists. This is not only for his unique club abstractions as a producer but also his memorable late-nite DJ sets at numerous local house parties, clubs gigs and after-hours raves. His energy behind the decks is a welcome jolt to any party, but it's his talent for fearlessly blending seemingly disparate styles into one cohesive vibe that truly sets him apart from his peers. Jerico co-runs the Boccara collective, who's constant flow of online guest-mixes, releases and parties have become a go-to for music fans looking to explore new sounds. His DJ sets draw from a wide range of styles and influences from African rhythms to contemporary underground club music forming a fast moving and vitalizing experience for audiences. His own productions reflect these different influences and combine them with synths, FX, samples and his own singing in Haitian-Creole to create something truly personal and unique, which sounds like nothing else. Although he has released a few great ep's to date the upcoming 'Walls' digital ep on Montreal label 'New' promises to be his most expansive and fully realized yet. It includes new tracks 'Walls' and 'Pawfa' (the first tracks he's released where listeners hear his voice) and also an excellent collaboration 'Voyé Monté' with singer Chris Vargas (Pelada). This release see's the young artist expanding his sonic pallete, creating something more complex, dark and contemplative which will now be shared for the first time with a larger international audience.