Montréal electronic duo, Pelada, have resonated with audiences for their recontextualized blend of early Chicago house, Detroit techno with more abstract & abrasive club music, and also for their powerful lyrics, delivered in Spanish, which often explore themes of surveillance, control, abuse, and power.

The duo, comprised of vocalist Chris Vargas and producer Tobias Rochman, create a sound combining a patchwork of sequenced analogue synths, drum machines, digital samplers. The resulting live sets are wild and confrontational which can stand in sharp contrast to what audiences have come to expect from modern contemporary electronic music.

Pelada grew out of Montréal's infamous afterhours club scene, performing alongside mostly DJs, and sometimes other live experimental electronic acts. These large parties are often illegal, populated by an eclectic mix of punks, club kids, ravers, weirdo's promoting a spirit of inclusiveness and open-mindedness. Pelada embraces this diverse crowd united by an unwillingness to submit to the will of the status quo.

Since forming in 2014, Pelada have travelled the world playing underground parties in several countries including Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, U.S.A, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, The Netherlands & More